Graphite’s physical properties enable a wide range of applications from brake pads to batteries. NovoCarbon provides products to customers in a variety of industries and has developed particular expertise from working with customers whose requirements are energy-related.

Batteries and energy storage applications have some of the most demanding specifications for the graphite required to manufacture them. NovoCarbon understands the challenges that face manufacturers, from consistency of material, to product innovation aimed at getting the maximum performance from our materials.


Lithium-ion Battery

Material for lithium-ion battery anodes. Manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries require materials that are consistently manufactured to precise specifications. Getting the maximum performance from every molecule requires excellence in manufacturing. NovoCarbon has qualified its product with the largest standalone EV manufacturer in North America. Our processing partners all adhere to the highest quality standards.

Lead-Acid Battery

Battery anode material for the electric vehicle and stationary storage markets. NovoCarbon understands the challenges and requirements of this sector from working with the largest North American manufacturer of lead acid batteries over the past few years. If you are looking for an edge through innovative additives, please give us a call.

Lead-Acid Battery
Redox Flow Battery

Redox Flow Battery

Components for stationary storage. Pairings of alternative energy generation projects with an energy storage capability are driving this fast growth area. NovoCarbon has qualified products for use with a leading stationary storage manufacturer.

Advanced Batteries

The constant drive to maximize battery performance without sacrificing safety presents ongoing challenges to battery manufacturers. Different applications have dramatically different performance requirements, eliminating the possibility of a one-size-fits-all chemistry. NovoCarbon works with battery manufacturers in a range of battery chemistries. The knowledge, experience and network that we bring to the table enable NovoCarbon to be a development partner as well as a
materials supplier.




Advanced Batteries

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