Commentary by Paul Ferguson

I am using the baseball analogy of loading the bases here for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because we have added three independent Directors recently, so that fits. The three of them are now all in position and create the potential for something big and exciting to happen, so that fits. Another reason I am using the analogy is to draw attention that the three appointments are not random but are aligned to a strategy that is designed to build a team that is capable of winning consistently.

Of course, this does not guarantee success, but those do not exist, sadly. So we do what we can to stack the odds in our favor.

The first of the three to join our team recently is Brett Clark. Brett is involved in several projects around the world and has depth of experience in resource development and project management that is critical to our cultivation of our graphite supply. Operating from his base in Australia, Brett provides NovoCarbon a footprint in another hemisphere and in a leading mining jurisdiction where several leading graphite developers are headquartered.

Next in the line-up comes Richard Baxter. Richard is an 18-year veteran of the battery and energy storage industry. Richard has provided consulting services to a wide range of clients and is actively engaged currently in a number of studies on the energy storage market. Well-respected among his industry colleagues, Richard provides tremendous “brand legitimacy” for NovoCarbon through his association with the Company as well as access to a well-developed network.

Bruce Reading is the latest addition to the team, announced this morning. Bruce is a highly successful technology entrepreneur and has been a friend of the Company for the past few years. Bruce’s deep experience building businesses and navigating through the many accompanying challenges have been available to the management team on an informal basis. By recruiting Bruce into an official position on the team roster, we are now prepared to take things to a new level.

With the bases loaded, all we need now is for someone to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park. Batter up!

Originally published as an article on LinkedIn.

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