I recently had the pleasure of observing a rapid innovation project where dreams were made real in real-time.

When I met Dr. Gershon Borovsky a little over a year ago, he described a device that he had conceived but had not yet built, except in his mind. He knew how it would look, how it would work and what it would be capable of doing. But without access to a machine shop and the right assistance, his idea was unable to be realized in physical form.

About six months ago, after working with our partner CHASM Advanced Materials for a few months, we became increasingly conscious of the full extent of their considerable fabrication capabilities and expertise. Dr. Borovsky shared his idea with our new partner with the thought that they might be able to help.

Within weeks, those initial conversations sparked a collaboration and an exchange of ideas that culminated in a set of engineering drawings. A few weeks later, we had the first iteration of “HP2”, a proprietary device that is able to measure characteristics of porous materials, including pore volume and report on the relative volume of hydrophobic and hydrophilic pores in a given sample. On Monday, the first samples will be analyzed. Can’t wait…

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