NovoCarbon is a clean technology minerals processing company supplying customers with innovative, high quality value-added carbon products.

There is no significant graphite production in North America now. As pricing and demand continue to rise, NovoCarbon is one of the first new domestic suppliers to a growing regional customer base. We continually work to ensure our products are of the very best quality and consistency, accompanied with outstanding customer service.

Our goals include the following:

  • Establish the NovoCarbon brand in the upgraded graphite products market with North American customers.
  • Leverage partnerships to create a competitive and disruptive advantage.
  • Create a fast path to revenue and cash flow with synthetic and natural flake graphite products, enabled by long term supply agreements.

NovoCarbon, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of NovoCarbon Corporation (Great Lakes Graphite, Inc.), and is incorporated in Delaware in the United States. NovoCarbon, Inc. maintains a sales and marketing office in West Concord and a Battery Materials Lab in Canton, Massachusetts.

We are:

  • Industry professionals with years of experience  supplying customers with graphite products and other industrial and advanced materials.
  • Highly knowledgeable in graphite and other carbon products and how they are used across a number of applications, including Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Ready to go to work as your supply chain partner, meeting your specification for advanced graphite products.

Our commitment…

Our commitment is to supply consistent, high quality products to our customers and build value for our stakeholders, partners and suppliers. Our core values embrace and promote the highest ethical standards, as we seek always to be a solid corporate citizen and steward of the environment.

Our Approach

NovoCarbon works with each customer to find the right solution for their particular application.  Sometimes identifying the right product takes minutes.  In some cases, it can take months. We understand the importance of determining the right formulation for your application and can work with you as a development partner and a materials supplier, to make certain that you’re getting the best performance out of our graphite products.  

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