High Purity Graphite

NovoCarbon offers high quality, high purity micronized natural flake graphite.

These products are available now, in tonnage quantities and standard sizes ranging from 5 to 80 micron, or to your specification.  The typical purity level for our high purity products is 99.9%+ carbon but we will work with you to ensure that the product meets your purity requirements.

While NovoCarbon offers a variety of products in standard particle sizes, we are also available to work with you to ensure you get the right product for your application.  Whether you are seeking a particularly tight particle distribution or seeking to ensure that certain impurities are maintained below thresholds, we won’t be satisfied until you are.

NovoCarbon maintains high quality standards and constantly strives to ensure your “graphite peace of mind” through:

  • Sourcing high quality concentrate from select supply partners
  • Manufacturing value-added products with world-class processing partners
  • Validating product excellence with uncompromising process and quality controls to ensure adherence to the highest standards.

Graphite Properties

Selected properties of graphite that make it useful for so many applications: 


Graphite, like diamonds, are a form of carbon and is an extremely strong, stable and chemically inert material


Both thermal and electrical conductivity are properties of graphite that make it useful for everything from insulation to battery materials.

Heat Resistance

Graphite’s high tolerance for heat makes it the best material for applications including furnace components and crucibles.


The layered physical structure of natural flake graphite particles accounts for the lubricity of the material

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