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Why NovoCarbon? From EV’s to Nanotechnology, the Carbon Age is Here!

Although people have been using carbon in various forms including graphite for thousands of years, we are continuing to find new applications and even develop new forms carbon and hybrid products.  The huge increase in demand for battery materials that is being driven by the adoption of electric vehicles and large scale energy storage systems requires dynamic and creative responses from suppliers to the market.

NovoCarbon has positioned itself to benefit from these trends by developing the capability to manufacture processed graphite products in the US.  Working with processing partners, NovoCarbon is able to provide micronized and high purity micronized products to a growing number of domestic and international customers.  Our plan now calls for the Company to scale up operations over the next few years with the ultimate goal of reaching 10,000 tons per year of finished products.

The Outlook for the Graphite Industry

Demand for processed graphite for use in batteries and energy storage is anticipated to have a profound and lasting impact on the supply chain for these products. There is an enormous increase in demand projected to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing electric vehicle and energy storage industries. Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has said that demand for graphite for electric vehicles alone will increase nine-fold by the mid 2020’s.

High purity graphite and derivative products, such as graphene, are increasingly in demand for industry segments beyond energy storage for applications like construction materials that are expected to drive substantial demand growth in the future.


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Thanks for taking the time to visit and welcome to our new website! It’s been a long time coming, we think it’s a big improvement and we hope that you like it, too. 

There is a lot more that’s new about the Company than just the website and we are really excited about what these developments mean for the business. For example , we recently added two new independent Directors to the Board that provide the Company serious depth in a number of critical areas.

We are now looking forward to the opportunities and new challenges that accompany ramping up our commercial and manufacturing activities. It’s taken quite a bit to get to where we are now, positioned to join the graphite supply chain in a meaningful way.

Thanks so much for joining us on this journey. We appreciate your interest and welcome your comments. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and involved shareholder base who share our vision and have supported us along the way. We are forever grateful and are genuinely excited about the value that we are devoted to creating.

Best regards,
Paul Ferguson
Chief Executive Officer



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